Tuesday, February 28, 2012

5 Things to Remember When Planning Spring Events for Your Kid’s School

Spring carnivals and end of school parties will be here in the coming weeks. If committee chair is one of the balls you’re currently juggling- you’re in the homestretch. Have you forgotten anything? Here are a few thoughts to help you finish strong.

· Confirm everything- Chances are your staff is made up volunteers that like you are stretching the limits of what can be accomplished in a 24 hour day. People can easily forget to write things in their calendar or have unforeseen circumstances pop up. It’s better to know now, than two hours before the event.

· Keep your sense of humor- As much as you would like, you can’t fire a volunteer. Smile, even when you’re dealing with the most difficult personalities. Everyone wants a successful event, but opinions on what that looks like and how you get there vary from person to person.

· Bend, but don’t break- Things will not always go according to your master plan. Have a couple people available that can serve as floaters and help out where the need arises. It’s ok to be flexible while still adhering to the agenda.

· Remember why you’re doing this- At some point you will probably promise yourself you will NEVER volunteer to plan an event of this magnitude again. When negative thoughts surface, think about why you agreed to assume a leadership position. It’s easy to get muddled down by the process unless you focus on the goal.

· Take great notes- Right now you’re at the summit of the mountain, but soon someone else will be at the base looking up at a great deal of work. Some of the things you tried have worked well; other things didn’t work as planned. A review of the vendors you utilized will be especially helpful- this will eliminate poor performers and provide contact information for those that provided exceptional service. A detailed review will help future leaders succeed without some of the bumps in the road you encountered.

Your goal is in sight, congratulation for stepping up to the plate for your school, church or organization.

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