Monday, November 7, 2011

Bounce House Safety

Slides, Bouncers and Obstacle Courses

Your child’s birthday is next month and as you’ve pondered different fun ideas, you finally settle upon a bounce house. It’s big, it’s colorful, it’s exciting, you can have the party in your own yard and it’s something all the kids would enjoy. Now- what kind of inflatable are you going to get? A bounce house? An obstacle course? Maybe a slide?

There are number different options to consider when you reserve an inflatable attraction for your party: Age and size of your kids, number of guests, amount of space in your yard and expected weather conditions all factor into what type of unit best fits your needs.
If your party is primarily for younger kids, a popular choice is a traditional bounce house; commercial bounce houses are commonly sized at 13x13 ft. which comfortably holds 6 kids at a time. You may also elect to get a larger sized inflatable at 15x15 which would accommodate up to 8 kids at a time. Consult your rental provider for exact capacity numbers for each particular unit.

If your party consists of kids of varying ages, size and athletic ability; a combination unit might be your best bet. Combination inflatable units incorporate more activities with the traditional bounce house. Climbing walls, slides, or even attached basketball hoops provide a number of different activities that would appeal to a number of different age groups.
Obstacle courses are a nice option for the pre-teen and teenage crowd. Obstacle courses allow for competition and varying physical activities which will hold the interest of an older crowd. Obstacle courses are also very popular with large events such as school carnivals or neighborhood parties.

If your party is the hot dry summer months, water inflatables might be your best bet. Water slides and combination bounce house water slides are very popular options to keep cool when the temperatures start to rise.

Your rental provider or course can make recommendations to you on what kind of inflatable unit would be best for your situation. You share a common goal with your rental provider- happy kids and a successful party.

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